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A Sunshine Agency recruits and refers providers with educational background and experience in the childcare field. Many sitters have raised children of their own or are college students majoring in education. Sunshine Agency attracts sitters who are bonded, insured, professional, well-spoken, non-smokers, experienced, and are personable and caring. Sunshine Sitters are familiar with age-appropriate activities for children.

The Process:
Advance notice of 24 hours is preferred. Phone the office 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Mon-Sat 951-417-0002. Please fill out form below & fax to Susan (must call first). The agency will confirm immediately. The Sitter will call you to introduce herself and to confirm sitting arrangements. Once checked in visitors should call with their room number. Sitters are not allowed to give their phone number. All communication is processed through the agency.

The Fees:
Hotel Care requires a four hour minimum. There is a agency fee charged to a credit card or check required at the time of the confirmation, even if later canceled. Payment for the sitter is paid the same day when services are rendered. Compensation for parking, entertainment, and meal expenses is the responsibility of the family. A cancellation fee is charged without a 24 hour notice.

The Process: Please call the office before filling out the forms. 951-417-0002.If not applicable, please enter N/A
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My permission for emergency Medical Treatment including plastic surgery, if necessary in the event of a medical emergency in my absence. I will be notified immediately!

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Hotel Nanny

There is a fee of $65.00 fee each time you book a Sitter. Please proceed to Pay Pal button oruse Master Card or Visa though the office. Call office if there are any questions.
Sitters fees are paid directly to her at the time services are provided.

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Fees are paid to sitter at the time services are rendered.
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For Information & Reservations Contact Susan Poncurak
Office Hours 8am-6pm Mon-Sat

Answering Service available after 6pm and on Weekends for A.S.A.P. requests.

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