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a sunshine agency

Serving in Riverside County
The Agency has a cancellation fee without 24 hour notice. Regular weekly customers must give 48 hours notice.

A Sunshine Agency requires a 4 hour minimum on all jobs.
There is an agency fee charged to credit card, check, or cash in hotels. This is required at the time the request is confirmed, even if the request is later cancelled. Fee is on a hourly basis. Payment to sitter is required the day the services are provided.

Hotel guests
may make payment in cash, or get hotel cash paid out. Home based customers & hotel guests should call first and fill out the registration form to confirm

Transportation Fee
is based on mileage, plus parking and toll bridges (if applicable).

If the Hotel/Concierge requires a service fee then the charges will be added to the bill. (not all Hotel/Concierge charge).

All ASAP Jobs four hours or less notice, require a $50.00 deposit, to be held at the Concierge or Service desk for the Sitter to pick up. If Guest should cancell, then the deposit is given to the Sitter, otherwise the deposit is deducted from the bill.Guest is required to sign Sunshine Agency's contract, (includes Medical Release and Swimming Rule). Please step over to the Concierge's desk and ask for a print out of the Contract. Please sign and give to the Sitter when she arrives. (Sitter should also have a copy with her,) The Contract can be found at WWW.ASUNSHINEAGENCY.COM:GO TO HOTEL REGISTRATION AND PRINT OUT.

REGARDING HOTEL/RESORT OVERNIGHT CARE: All Guests must inform the Agency of Overnight Sitting at the time of the original booking (flat rate may apply). Guest must leave the Sitter with a Emergency Phone Number and contact the Sitter or Agency if you have an Emergency or need to extend the time. If Guest doesn't return until next morning or later, then additional fees will be applied.$300.00 FEE for OVER NIGHT SITTING WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE plus regular hourly fee will be charged. The Hotel Security will be called, however the Sitter will remain with the children if possible.(CASH ONLY IN HOTELS).
Lunch or dinner must be provided to Sunshine Sitters if present at mealtimes (11:30am-1:30pm lunch, 5:00pm-6:30pm dinner).

Swimming Rule:
Sitters can take children to pool under certain conditions. Sitter must have written permission from the parent/guardian and have verbally confirmed the permission before taking the children to a pool. All children taken to the pool must know how to swim.

Emergency Medical Treatment:
A Sunshine Agency requires written permission for emergency medical treatment, including plastic surgery, in the event of a medical emergency.

A Sunshine Agency
Office Hrs. 8AM - 6PM Mon-Sat
Ans. machine after 6PM

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